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Structural Mezzanine

A structural mezzanine floor are customized to create open floor space underneath the mezzanine level. Then beams can also be specified to carry a much larger weight. Loads ranging from 350 kg to 1000 kg per square meter can be accommodated. Structural mezzanine flooring is guaranteed to maximise your floor space.

Install a structural mezzanine floor to get the ideal solution to utilise available space. A mezzanine floor takes advantage of the height of the premises. It doubles or triples the surface area. Structural mezzanine flooring can be installed throughout the entire warehouse or only in a certain area.  In addition to extra floor space, you can also add additional racking or shelving above or below the mezzanine floor. Phone Blanche for a quote: 064 529 5893

Structural Mezzanine
Holding Weight:
350kg – 1000kg

Rack Supported Mezzanine

Rack supported mezzanine floors can be designed to suit your specific needs. Multi layer installations can be designed with steel platforms that are raised storage areas. Theses raised storage areas are supported by shelving. This gives you extra storage space for bulk goods. It also provides more office space or even elevated storerooms. Mezzanine floors provide more floor space at a fraction of the cost of a new building. 

Mezzanine floors are designed to be completely bolted. If you need shelving space under the mezzanine floor, we can design a rack supported mezzanine floor by building it on top of a racking system. The racking system is clipped together and secured with locking pins. The frames are then bolted to the floor. The loads can vary from 200 kg’s per shelf to more than 2 tons. Phone Blanche for a quote: 064 529 5893

Rack Supported Mezzanine
Holding Weight:
200kg – 2000kg

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Mezzanine Floor – Parklands, Cape Town, Western Cape.

Atlantic Electrical in Parklands needed more space. Either they moved to more expensive premises or they added a mezzanine floor. They opted for the latter. As a result, the mezzanine floor added years of production at the same address. A mezzanine floor is often the ideal solution to not only save space and money but also to increase productivity levels in most businesses.


The floors – 2573mm(h) with 22303mm clearance.

The floor has a 300kg per square meter unilateral distributed weight loading.

It consists of 21mm shutter-ply decking supported by 3900mm x 114mm x 38mm timber joists.

There are 16 x bays of shelving space underneath.

Blue Sky Projects Mezzanine
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Blue Sky Projects Mezzanine Flooring
Blue Sky Projects Mezzanine Flooring